Call Accounting System

Call-A-Matic is a stand alone Phone Call Accounting System designed specifically for the US Hotel/Motel Industry.

The Call-A-Matic collects phone call data (SMDR) from any PBX via its built in serial port.

This call data is stored and processed by the Call-A-Matic to provide receipts to guest on check out and also provides informative reports for the hotel management.

It incorporates excellent features such as Property Management Systems (PMS) integration with most popular PMS’s like HIS, HOBIC, Micros Fidelio, Encore etc. The extensive programmability provided in the unit to feed in all rates surcharges, area codes and exchanges eliminates the need to pay for rate updates.

The unit has built-in audit reports to track profitability and supports variety of SMDR from most phone systems including Mitel, Panasonic, Toshiba, AT&T etc.